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Counting the Pennies.

Counting the Pennies is a guide to help you save money.

This book is stuffed full of tips on how to live well for less without being too frugal or going to extremes. It investigates many areas where you can economise. Food, Housing, Holidays, Children and Education, and Finance.

There are also sections on Goal Setting and Motivation and how to cope if Economic Disaster strikes. The book shows you how to save money by using simple easy steps, all tried and tested by the authors, Bill and Sarah.

You will benefit from being able to enjoy your life more in these harsh economic times. You have nothing to lose but your debts!

Here is our Introduction to the book;

Bill, my husband, and I are not black belt frugal people. We don't compost or live off the grid. We look normal and wear normal clothes. We brought up our children and had average jobs in a medium sized city. If you met us, you would not know that we had some money saving habits. By using easy stratagems we found ways to have more cash, work less, and have a more enjoyable life.

If we can do it, you can too. There are many frugal things we do not do; we don't make jam, or eat lentils and we don't grow our own food. Whilst we admire people who are very frugal we are not, but we still found ways to save the money. This book is an 'everyman' guide to how to save in simple ways. You can become better than us and feel free to be as extreme as you need or want to be, but you must start with the easy stuff.

Here are two things to do at once;

First, buy this book on kindle; this costs less than a paper book and will always be with you when you need it.
Second, follow a few ideas below to immediately benefit and kick start your saving campaign.
Don't buy brands or buy fewer of them.
Use email not the postal system for cards and messages.
Use the internet for discount vouchers.
Learn to cook; a few simple dishes are all you need!
Hang laundry to dry, do not tumble dry.
Analyse your spending on luxuries such as chocolate, cigarettes, and alcohol.
Look at spending on special food; switch a restaurant visit to a dine-in for two for £10.00
Keep a mental record of prices for items you buy everyday.

All these things will come together to operate like a snowball and just as this gathers snow as it rolls, if you do some of these things you will save money and this will increase over time.
In each chapter we look in detail about easy ways you can achieve your goals with only a small change in attitude. We cover Food, Education, Holidays, Houses and all areas of life.

Welcome to your new world; You can do it. To get where you want to go it is well worth it.