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Happily Ever After 5 Minute Fairy Tales; to be Told at Bedtime.

All children love fairy tales and parents will love these 5 minute versions as they are ideal for busy folk.
They give a quality story time and if you give in to 'just another one' it will not take too long and will be fun for you both.

The idea is that you enjoy reading together; associating reading with fun, attention, closeness and cuddles is an excellent thing. These stories are designed for your child to join in, get them to do this when the rhymes are in block capitals such as;


This is fun and you can laugh as you learn but it also helps with memory and prediction of the story which are essential reading skills.

I have been telling these stories for over 30 years to my nursery school pupils and my own children and they are guaranteed to be popular. I call the tales 'best loved' to make sure they are suitable, as some fairy tales can be very frightening and they will not be retold here. Fairy tales help children learn and no matter what happens it is essential that everyone lives 'happily ever after' in this childhood world. I also use simple language to make them accessible to children so that soon they will be able to read them alone.

The Story of Cinderella
Extension activities.
The Story of Little Red Riding Hood.
Extension activities.
The Story of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
Extension activities
The Story of Puss in Boots
Extension activities
The Story of the Dragon Brothers
Extension ideas
The Story of the Ugly Duckling
Extension ideas