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Buying up Brazil is a comprehensive guide to purchasing property in the country of Brazil.
Brazil is the new big land and some of us are going to buy property there. Natal airport is being redeveloped to accept the Boeing Dreamliner and Airbus A380... 800 passengers at a time! Brazil is about to take off and any serious property investor needs to have a share of the action! That's why we have written this book using our first hand experiences of the process. Important points we cover in this book are;
Where to buy
What to buy
How to buy
How to equip your property
Who your clients will be
How to get a return by renting
Utilities and costs
Don’t learn the hard way, buy and use this guide to get an unfair advantage. When you get to Brazil you will meet many gringos telling you their hard luck stories, so read this to get the low down first…. and avoid the many pitfalls.

The table of contents are;
Chapter 1 Overview;
Chapter 2 What to invest in?
Chapter 3 Where to invest
Chapter 4 The Buying Process
Chapter 5 How to build and prepare the property
Chapter 6 Utilities and Running costs
Chapter 7 How to get clients
Chapter 8 Getting there and getting about
Chapter 9 Where to stay
Chapter 10 Why invest in Brazil?